Create an online magazine easily

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When magazines were first published, they were actually similar in format to books; they consisted of many pages and were hard-backed - although they were actually smaller than the books that were produced at that time (during the seventeen-hundreds). Print publishing has gone through many changes over time, even up to and including the last [...]

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Online Magazine Publishing Software

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The world of digital magazines is truly vast and wonderful; not only do you get to read fabulous articles, but you're also able to watch videos, and other related media because when you're publishing online, you can embed a variety of extras to really showcase your talent.There are many publishing softwares out there but jsut [...]

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Online magazine publishing: Planning your design strategy.

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If you are reading this, then there's a good chance that you have already started, or you are starting an online magazine publishing adventure. In the next step its time to choose your favorite online magazine software. After some online reasearch I decided for myself to use Yumpu. You may have established your area of [...]

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