There are many magazine maker platforms online, and it isn’t hard to see why; there are many online magazine software options available at reasonable prices – or even free – alongside hosting sites that can offer varying options and tips, regarding starting your online magazine. The publishing software  Yumpu even takes away some of the frustration of designing logos and avatars. You can easily create a free account and start publishing right away at Yumpu Publishing! So let’s take a look at some of the best sites for online magazine publishing; this knowledge can really turn a back-breaking task into something a little more enjoyable, and before you know it, you’ll be up and running, and publishing your first article in no time at all!:

Some of the Best Magazine Maker Platforms is one of those magazine maker platforms that enable you to publish an online magazine by creating content concerning your favorite topic. It’s a great tool for undertaking research online, when you come across sites, or articles, of interest, that you would like to return to in the near future; after all, when you bookmark pages in your browser, you can forget to revisit them.

However, when you use, you have easy access to the “reading pile”; you “scoop” content throughout the week, for the purpose of research, and then come back to it when you’re ready to read. Another great benefit of publishing to is that you can receive announcements from a variety of social networks, at the same time that you’re “scooping” something on the Internet. Interested readers can comment on your scoops, and many will follow your publication in return. enables you to become a known expert on your chosen topic and connect with those who are interested in the same topic.

Paper li also counts among the top magazine maker platforms. It allows you to publish online newspapers based on your niche topic. Get recognition for being an acknowledged expert in your field, and connect with others, while building useful relationships. You can publish content from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the like into an online newspaper, or digital magazine, via this application.


To pull in content from Twitter: create a group on Twitter, and add people who write about the same topic to the group. automatically pulls in content, and posts an announcement to Twitter, listing the Twitter name of the top contributors each day. This will provide you with opportunities to network, as they will see their name come up across Twitter. It’s not uncommon for people to then re-tweet these messages, thus lending to a stronger social media presence.


Issuu is one of the leading magazine maker platforms, where you can upload digital magazines and publications. You can enjoy reading some great publications as well as researching to find fun articles to share. Issuu is a user-friendly site, and it’s easy to upload your publications there.


YUDU is another magazine maker online which takes the written word to a new level. You can publish a multimedia publication that brings together the power of the written word, in addition to video, audio, and images, making this an ideal outlet for those who wish to expand their digital publications.

YUDU offers a reading library, a research platform and a marketplace where you can read, buy, and sell content.

There are varying levels of services available, starting with free options. The YUDU free system has no limit regarding how many documents you can publish. At this level, if you need to edit your content, you can update the original file, then re-upload it, to edit the article.

YUDU plus or YUDU pro accounts replace individual pages, instead of necessitating that you have to republish. They offer access to more features and functions, such as the ability to enhance your publications with various media applications, which also work with flash player.

Always consider setting yourself apart when publishing digital magazines on your topic, and when using multiple sites, try to stick with the same designs and imagery, to build a recognizable publication. Enjoy exploring the web, and once you create an online magazine content share the URL of your profile or publication in the comment boxes below, in addition to sharing it with your subscribers and followers on the social networks.

There is a lot of great magazine makers out there and for my personal needs, I got stuck with a platform called Yumpu. They offer amazing features on their free plan and it takes you just a few minutes to upload a PDF and publish it online with a good-looking stylish design. Go there and try publishing on the next level with Yumpu Publishing!