Starting an online magazine doesn’t have to be a stressful affair – when you use one of the many magazine maker software websites that are available, which will aid you in learning how to make an online magazine. When I found Yumpu within my research about publishing magazines I found what I was looking for. Free easy software to jump straight into the world of publishing without any hesitation –  Yumpu Publishing!

So you have your business strategy in place; your creativity levels are running wild, your informative, fun ideas are ready to be laid out on the screen, and you’re champing at the bit, eager to jump into the world of online magazine publishingbut you’re feeling a little uncertain with regards to just how to kick-start your idea properly, and how to get out there so readers can find you.

Best Magazine Maker Software Available:

JoomagIf you require something to allow you to make an interactive digital magazine interface, but you don’t want to break the bank then Joomag is the magazine maker of choice. It’s a platform that allows you to either upload a PDF design or create your own interactive version, using standard templates from their web-based editor. Once you’re done, you can make a custom page; Joomag will host your digital magazine page, which you can also then embed onto websites, social media, or read on mobile devices, automatically ensuring that your publication is compatible across all devices.

While you are limited in terms of customization, Joomag is the magazine maker that offers quite a number of benefits for free users — such as analytics, and the ability to include videos, audio, and links — although your magazine will feature specific adverts. You can, however, upgrade to a Silver, Gold, or Platinum package and then you would receive ad-free magazines versions, which features further extra magazines functions, like the chance to sell extras via subscription, plus the ability to publish to Joomag’s Apple iPad app, add HTML5 elements, and have your magazine optimized for Android, iOS and Windows, starting at the US $15.95 per month.

Prss PressPad

Prss PressPad uses your PDFs, and changes them into an android app, with minimal work or fuss required on your part. It works from a slightly different system from many other online magazine software hosts, as it is free, but the company claims and keeps the first two hundred and ninety-nine dollars per month that your app earns – but if you make nothing, you pay nothing.

You are allowed to create an unlimited amount of magazine pages, and there are no restrictions on the number of downloads, and although there aren’t any interactive magazine features. The Press Pad takes care of just about everything for you once you’ve uploaded your PDFs.


Snapplify – this magazine design software allows you to upload PDFs, and add custom HTML5 code and videos, which are then sent to the app store for you. Depending on which package you opt for, you can charge for subscriptions, access subscriber’s information, view analytic, and sell your magazine from a customized storefront. It’s available on Android and iOS phones and tablets, although rather than adjusting the format, it simply re-sizes your publication, allowing it to fit the varying screen sizes. Prices start from one hundred US dollars and climb quite steadily depending on what you need.


Magzter is a huge cross-platform newsstand, featuring a broad range of well-known magazine titles and boasting over seventeen million users. While you don’t get your own magazine app, signing up as a publisher allows you to advertise your magazine in their store, which is available on every platform. Magzter is free to use; it makes its money via the publishers if you’d wish to charge for subscriptions, for example. It provides analytics, and allows you to add interactive content.


Mag+ is an In Design plugin that allows you to design and use magazine maker software without your having to use code. This plugin adds interactive features from sound and video to online content, which you can then preview, then publish, and advertise on the following app stores: Amazon, Apple, Android, and Apple Newsstand. This platform offers a free download, and you only pay once you have published your zine. There are a few different pricing options and packages available, depending on your specific needs. If you’d prefer one app with unlimited publishing, it’s four hundred and ninety-nine US dollars per month – but there are also extra charges related to hosting.