The world of digital magazines is truly vast and wonderful; not only do you get to read fabulous articles, but you’re also able to watch videos, and other related media because when you’re publishing online, you can embed a variety of extras to really showcase your talent. There are many publishing software out there but just one stands out. With the best features for free, you get everything you need for a great publishing experience at Yumpu Publishing!

If you were wondering how to create an online magazine, then you have stopped by at the right place, as it’s here that you will find the lowdown on some of the very best online magazine publishing software, in addition to gaining access to up-to-date magazine design software, and the technical support included within some of the available packages. This modern world has demonstrated to us that technology is no longer simply about using a desktop computer; the rise of tablets and smartphones has opened up a new dimension to us, full of opportunities for publishing digital media, and while digital downloads still may seem to be a smaller commodity than print, it really is the only way forward for the future – and for the development of magazines and similar publications.

When you’re starting an online magazine, you probably won’t have the access and resources at hand to enable you to get a developer to design a custom app expressly for you, so instead you’ll be looking at the other options available regarding how to get your digital magazine out there – and into the hands of readers.

Different Online Magazine Publishing Software

Well, the answer is quite simple; you select a magazine maker online, which will provide you with the magazine layout software you require to get you started. One of the most popular alternatives is DPS; if you have a creative mind, and desire the freedom to design, then this software is a dream come true – it allows you to design interactive, beautifully laid-out digital magazines, and with an extra panel within In Design, you can generate slideshows and flip books, enabling you to create a publication that’s accessible on all devices and screen sizes, and get a preview what your publication will look like, before it goes live – on pretty much every platform you can think of.

This software is used by titles such as National Geographic and is a relatively easy option if you are familiar with the Adobe software.

The downside to this is, of course, the price — so much so that Adobe doesn’t actually list the price on its website (you have to request a consultation from a local agent) -but if you intend to create a standard magazine, then you’re looking at pricing upwards of four-thousand to eight-thousand US dollars a year, with additional costs, depending on how popular your site becomes.


Twixl is similar to DPS, but the best aspect of it is that it’s half the price for the online magazine publishing software.Twixl Publisher is an In-Design plugin that allows you to add a layer over your digital magazines, then publish them as a multi-issue app to Apple, Android and Amazon tablets. You can try before you buy too, as they offer a free trail to test it out before you commit to the full version. This includes a lot of DPS-like functions, but a multi-folio app costs around two thousand four hundred US dollars a year, with (reduced) additional download costs which only commence after your magazine has been downloaded more than five thousand times.


Issuu has more than eighty million users worldwide, and is a renowned go-to source for those who host, and find, digital publications. This PDF-based system enables you to simply upload your magazine, and then copy that embed code, or custom link, wherever you choose to share it. Issuu is available on desktop and Android and with it, your magazine will become an option for the millions of users of that platform. This online magazine publishing software is also free — but the paid options (thirty and forty US dollars per month) grant you the opportunity to customise your reader base, and also access analytic, social elements and logo designs, to integrate into your existing website.

Whether you choose to work with the top-end of magazine publishing hosts, – or the more cost-effective variants for online magazine publishing depends on your overall business strategy, and the reasons you are creating your digital publication, but both options offer some very nice extras, with an easy and interactive interface that will grant you professional results every time. For me, Yumpu Publishing is the best publishing platform on the market. It`s also free and brings many great features – Yumpu Publishing.