It’s a sad fact that when you’re trying to get your online magazine publishing venture off the ground, the cost of the magazine design software that you need to create your digital templates can be pretty prohibitive. That isn’t always the case, thankfully, Yumpu Publishing offers affordable packages that can bring you to a new level when it comes to online publishing. Start today with Yumpu Publishing!

Free online magazine publishing software

Lucidpress offers a free template package, which you can try out before you sign up. You can publish your work to either an embedded viewer or a website – or even upon a traditional paper format! While you’re designing your page, you can share the work in progress online, allowing you access to feedback and evaluation at any time you desire. (In addition to online magazine publishing templates, the site also features resources that allow you to create other format templates as well – from flyers and brochures to posters and newsletters.) The site also boasts a host of tutorials, instructing you how to use their design features. You also have the option of upgrading your account as well, from the free alternative to the basic, which costs $7.95 (US) a month and features increased storage space, revision history, email, and web support, and local backups.

With this package, you also receive access to a considerable library of designer templates, to which you can then add your own text and photos, and switch and arrange them to your satisfaction. The single user can further access analytics, and the ability to upload custom fonts and embed documents by upgrading to the $15.95 (US) per month propackage, or, if working with collaborators, you can select the popular, $40 (US) team option and, among other perks, integrate your work with Google apps.


Flippingbook is a UK-based template package for online magazine publishing, aimed (to a degree) towards the e-zine publisher whose income is largely a result of their advertising; they also make a free trial available to you; upon signing up for the £32 (UK) monthly package, you acquire the option to create an unlimited number of issues via a lifetime solution, access to online support, and the choice of already existing skins, or the ability to create or customize your own skin for your magazine. Your publication can become a banner link to an advertiser’s website, or use Flippingbook to produce a web link for your magazine; their eponymous Cloud app offers, among other benefits, the ability to read offline on mobile devices and the gathering of your publication onto a digital bookshelf.

Epublish are another company who make a free, search and social media ready, edition alternative available, an offer which encompasses a free listing on another site and the ability to produce a limitless number of editions. While you’re still in the planning stages of starting an online magazine, you can use this package to produce a preparatory single issue of your publishing venture for a one-time price (for $99.90 US), or, if you already feel comfortable with embarking upon an ongoing, long-term enterprise, you can upgrade your monthly plan to the standard, which costs just under twenty US dollars, and contains many advantages, not least of which is the ability to control whether your editions are private, or public; or upgrade still further to the professional plan for an additional ten US dollars, which adds the options of adding sound and video to your magazine, in addition to granting you access to an array of customisation options and advanced reporting and statistics.

The aforementioned three options are just a sample of the professional template solutions available to you which open the door – via free trial options and preliminary single, exploratory issue publishing, in addition, of course, to the affordable regular price plan they offer – to you with regards to realizing your ambition of becoming an online magazine publisher, then giving you the chance to improve your e-zine’s profile and standing within the online community to which it pertains, with a host of upgrades and potential improvements; as you begin to make money, so too can you filter some of that income back into the magazine, developing and bettering your publication as you advance. If you found your magazine niche it’s time to find the best online publishing platform to reach as many readers as possible. In my opinion, the software offers the best features for online magazines. It gets easy and fast to publsih your magazine with Yumpu Publishing.