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Online Magazine Publishing: Digital Software You Can Afford!

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It's a sad fact that when you're trying to get your online magazine publishing venture off the ground, the cost of the magazine design software that you need to create your digital templates can be pretty prohibitive. That isn't always the case, thankfully, Yumpu offers affordable packages that can bring you to a new level [...]

Selecting Your Online Magazine’s Niche

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Online magazine publishing is the future - and it isn't hard to see why; this new format of magazine creation appeals to so many. After searching for the best publishing platform for my needs i found Yumpu.com! But to keep an online publication going, and successful, you have make sure that you're writing about [...]

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Create an online magazine easily

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When magazines were first published, they were actually similar in format to books; they consisted of many pages and were hard-backed - although they were actually smaller than the books that were produced at that time (during the seventeen-hundreds). Print publishing has gone through many changes over time, even up to and including the last [...]

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Making A Magazine: Creating Your Own Piece Of Online Mag-nificence!

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While there are, apparently, still a reasonable number of new magazines launched every year onto the shelves of your local newsagent (or supermarket), despite printed periodicals being considered something of a dwindling, declining medium, it is somewhat fair to say that these days, most commentators consider that the best way to produce a regular journal [...]

Online Magazine Publishing Software

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The world of digital magazines is truly vast and wonderful; not only do you get to read fabulous articles, but you're also able to watch videos, and other related media because when you're publishing online, you can embed a variety of extras to really showcase your talent.There are many publishing softwares out there but jsut [...]

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Magazine Maker Software: Create Online Magazine Content

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 Starting an online magazine doesn't have to be a stressful affair - when you use one of the many magazine maker software websites that are available, which will aid you in learning how to make an online magazine. When i found Yumpu within my research about publishing magazines i found what i was looking for. A [...]

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How to create an online magazine

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Over three hundred years ago, what is recognised as the world's first magazine was published. The world of publishing has come a long way since then, and since the technological development of online magazine publishing, the trend for online reading has never stopped growing and the software Yumpu started rising year after year. Today this [...]

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Online magazine publishing: Planning your design strategy.

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If you are reading this, then there's a good chance that you have already started, or you are starting an online magazine publishing adventure. In the next step its time to choose your favorite online magazine software. After some online reasearch I decided for myself to use Yumpu. You may have established your area of [...]

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Magazine Maker Platforms; Best of

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There are many magazine maker platforms online, and it isn't hard to see why; there are many online magazine software options available at reasonable prices - or even free - alongside hosting sites which can offer varying options and tips, regarding starting your online magazine. The publishing software  Yumpu even take away some of the [...]

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